It's all about creating cards for friends and family


DSCN0043This is my first blog EVER! I’m not 100% sure that I’m doing it correctly but here goes!

I started making cards a couple of years ago but was unhappy with what I was producing. They looked very amateurish and I didn’t like the way the cards bent out of shape once I had finished them. I did some homework on the net and became engrossed in the tutorials on youtube. This was such a wonderful resource! Any progress I have made has a lot to do with the willingness of so many people to share their ideas and techniques.

I bought better and more suitable products, learned a lot about adhesiveslayering and matting, and ventured into using some stamps, punches and dies. Using the tutorials as guides I experimented, copied other experienced card makers and really started enjoying myself – mainly because the resulting cards looked so much better. Now I didn’t mind giving them to friends and family.

I’m still learning and still having great fun. There is so much to try and master. And there is always something new to buy!!! Gradually over the last couple of years I’ve built up a collection of dies, stamps and punches along with a range of cardstock, paper, ribbons and other embellishments – and it is still growing.

My blog is my attempt to show some of what I have learned including some hints, ideas and suggestions to those who are exploring this terrific hobby just like me, especially the beginners. Birthday cards are always needed so this is where I started with my first posts.


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